Online casino Cyprus

Online casino CyprusThe online casino Cyprus scene is easier to access for those wishing to start a gambling business. With hundreds of online casinos, online gambling in Cyprus is extremely successful. The island is often known as an ‘online gambling jurisdiction’ as it can provide licenses even to foreign private investors and business owners who wish to start their own onlinecasino and, for legal reasons, register its base in Cyprus. The island is, thus, a very advantageous place to open and online gambling business.

Online casino Cyprus


This online casino Cyprus scene is very famous worldwide and its  onlinegambling websites compete with some of the biggest onlinecasinos such as 888casino, BetfinalCasino, Jackpotcity and Spincasino. In addition, all these online casinos that are not accessible in other parts of Europe and the world – for example residents of European countries such as Italy are not allowed to make use of this websites – are, instead, accessible in Cyprus.


More specifically, onlinecasino laws are less strict in North-Cyprus. South Cyprus still, however, allows for sports betting online when the customer is over 18 years of age. For these reasons, southern Cyprus is way stricter with its online casinos with other activities beyond sports betting, such as bingo and poker, being strictly forbidden by the law.

Cyprus casino online

Despite everything, however, Cyprus is a sort of safe haven for onlinecasinos and the casino business in general. This economic activity attracts private investors, business owners, and those who wish to start a gambling business or best casino in Cyprus, from all over the world and, more specifically from all over the Mediterranean. Cyprus, it seems, is a paradise for gambling with a strong support of these activities from both tourists who make use of these land-based or online services, as well as from locals who seem to heavily support this industry with the exception of a very small minority who objects such endeavors. The number of  Cyprus casino online, particularly in north Cyprus, is very likely to keep rising.