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about usAbout us :  The casino offer on cyprus is very extensive, whether in the north or south of Cyprus our editorial team tries to keep you up to date. The Cyprus online casino, or the casino scene in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, is extremely notorious among tourists and locals alike. Particularly, since the 1970s, the north Cyprus casino scene has been one of the most lucrative economic activities for the Turkish part of the island. With the passing of new legislation within the past decade, casinos have also been licensed to work legally in the southern part of the island.

Casino in Cyprus Limassol

Particularly, the C2Casino Cyprus is a casino in Cyprus Limassol. This is a very famous casino, and it is considered the best casino in Cyprus, or at least the best one in the southern part of the island. In the north, Casino Merit Cyprus is a historic one and it is particularly popular among tourists. In Cyprus, there are 9 cities in total which host gambling facilities, with a total of 36 casinos. One of these cities is Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus. Nicosia hosts several casinos, including Casino Nicosia C2.

Online Gambling in Cyprus

The popular Online Gambling in Cyprus is extremely famous across the Mediterranean and it attracts a great deal of tourists to both parts of the island. Locals are also very appreciative of these activities which have largely supported the island’s economic growth. And although some of them oppose them due to moral reasons, gambling remains one of the most fruitful activities in Cyprus which sustains the economy of the northern side of the island in a very consistent way.

Cyprus online casino

In addition to casinos located all across the islands, Cyprus is notorious for its relatively lax online gambling regulations. The online casino Cyprus scene is, thus, extremely vibrant compared to the stricter regulations of the rest of Europe.

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