Casino Merit Cyprus

Casino Merit CyprusThe Casino Merit Cyprus gambling brand is the perfect choice for those who want to immerse themselves in a real casino on this exotic Mediterranean island. Over the past ten years, Merit has opened several hotels in casino in Nicosia, Kyrenia, and other cities in Cyprus. This company successfully competes with such gambling networks as Melco, City Royal, Kratos, and casino in Cyprus Limassol.

Casino online  Cyprus

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Each of the casino-hotels from Merit is an excellent service and excellent facilities will help to make your stay unforgettable. The hotel offers 24-hour room service, 24-hour security, daily housekeeping, a gift shop, and, of course, free Wi-Fi in the rooms, with which you can easily access any casino online Cyprus.

What games are most popular with visitors of this one of the best casino in Cyprus? Let’s take a closer look:

North Cyprus casino


Who would doubt that poker will be in the first place in popularity in all south and north Cyprus casino ? During the pride of poker, many tournaments are held with fabulous prize pools.

Online gambling in Cyprus


Quite a popular and interesting game in the world of online gambling in Cyprus. The croupier deals two cards each to himself and the player. The winner is the one with the sum of cards closest to the total or equal to 21.

Casino Merit Cyprus


A very addictive and popular gambling game at casino Merit Cyprus. The bottom line is that you need to throw a coin into the slot, then pull the handle or press the button. In the machine, the wheels begin to turn. The win depends on which pictures on the wheels match each other.


The essence of the game is that the player bets on where the ball will fall. It can put both on a specific number, and on the color, and so on. The more accurate the player’s choice, the bigger the jackpot.


This is a game that is essentially a lottery. The player is given a piece of paper with 80 numbers. He needs to mark 20 numbers on it to choose from. After that, the host calls the winning 20 numbers. The more matches a player has, the bigger the win.

Casino Merit Cyprus


Very simple, but at the same time an interesting game! The essence is still as follows: the croupier from casino merit Cyprus  distributes two cards to each of the players. Then the sum of the cards is added up. Just like in blackjack. Only the number 10 is subtracted. For example, the total turned out to be 14, so the final figure is 4. The winning combination is the one whose amount is greater than the others.

Pai gow (double-hand) poker.

This game has a great resemblance to Texas Hold’em. One of the differences is that players do not play against each other, but against the casino. Each player is dealt seven cards. From them, you need to collect the best combination and compare it with the dealer’s combination.

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