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Cyprus online casinoThe overview of Legal Gambling find on Cyprus online casino in Cyprus! When studying the market of online gambling in Cyprus, it is worth considering the current political situation on this island. The modern history of Cyprus is quite complicated. For many years of its existence, the island passed from one ruler to another. At the end of the 20th century, its northern part was occupied by the Turks and they called the region “The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”. The southern half of Cyprus, fortunately, remained the native land for the indigenous inhabitants (Cypriots and Greeks) and is still considered a separate state.

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Gambling situation.

The Turkish part of the island is exactly where the best casinos in Cyprus is located. The economic situation here is quite stable and favorable, as it is directly related to the financial system of Turkey. Since all types of gambling are officially banned in Turkey, Turks can earn money on casino online in Cyprus.

Cyprus online casino

Turkish citizens come here to relax, play casino, roulette, or their favorite slot machines, as well as register one of the many Cyprus online casino. In addition, the constant flow of European tourists only contributes to the development of the industry.

Gambling laws in South Cyprus.

The situation is quite different in the southern part of the island. Since Cyprus is considered the birthplace of Spyridon, a famous saint in the Orthodox religion, the church has a huge influence on the republic. Because of this, gambling and casino online in Cyprus have been strictly prohibited for a long time.

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However, the financial crisis that hit the Cypriots in 2012-2013 prompted the authorities to reconsider the situation with gambling in the country. The Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus has decided to allow gambling and thereby improve the economic level of the state. Since then, the key companies C2 casino Cyprus and casino Merit Cyprus have made a lot of efforts to develop gambling in this region.

On July 9, 2015, the Government passed a law on the legalization of gambling in Cyprus. After some time, casino in Nicosia, Paphos, Limassol, and other cities of southern Cyprus appeared.

Casino in Cyprus Limassol

Today, the Cypriot authorities pay quite serious attention to the regulation of the online gambling industry. Despite the fact that the current laws provide for obtaining a license for online casino in Cyprus Limassol, businessmen are in no hurry to register their sites here. Locals prefer to play at major international gambling venues such as Maxbetslots, 888 casino, Casino X, Betfinal casino, Jackpotcity, Spincasino and Pharaoh Bet.

North Cyprus casino

The north Cyprus casino is among the casinos with the latest casino games and a very friendly and helpful service. A holiday in Northern Cyprus is not only an opportunity to enjoy swimming in the azure sea, entertaining excursions, and delicious local cuisine. This place is also considered a paradise for gambling fans. This fact becomes a surprise for many indifferent to the casinos and betting tourists, who have arrived on vacation in Northern Cyprus.

Casino Cy

the casino scene in Cyprus

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island notorious among tourists from all over the world. Suffice to say that in 2018, around 4 million people visited Cyprus. The island is attractive to so many people due to its long holiday season, beautiful beaches, historic sites, and a vibrant nightlife. Essentially, the island is a great place for a summer holiday, and it offers many options for recreational activities. One of them is surely casinos. The casino scene in Cyprus, or Casino Cy, is probably one of the most famous attraction of the island, given its lax licensing laws compared to the stricter ones in place in near Europe. These island activities surely offer a great deal of enjoyment to tourists and locals alike.

Online gambling in Cyprus

In Cyprus, there are 9 cities hosting gambling facilities, with a total of 36 gambling facilities. There are three types of gambling you can try out: casinos, horseracing tracks and sports betting parlors. Online gambling in Cyprus is largely prohibited, with the exception of sports betting – granted that the participant is over the age of 18. Casino Cy definitely offers loads of fun activities for those who appreciate the ludic act of gambling.

Online casino Cyprus

The north Cyprus casino scene is particularly notorious and well-established. The first gambling facilities in north Cyprus were opened around 1975 and they have been growing in number ever since. In 1998, Turkey banned all casinos and, consequently, many owners of gambling facilities then moved to north Cyprus to continue their activities. For a long time, the casino scene in the northern part of the island has been its most attractive feature for tourists.  However, very recently, the southern part of the island has also legalized casinos, enhancing economic competition between the two sides. You will find just as many game offers as in the land-based casinos in the online casino Cyprus.

Casino Nicosia

The southern part of the island is thus growing its gambling sector. One location is particularly notorious: Limassol. One casino in Cyprus’ Limassol, and the oldest legal one, is Cyprus Casinos Limassol, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It offers everything, from roulette, to Russian poker, to a bistro. In the north, Casino Merit Cyprus is, surely, one of the most well-known. Here, also, you have a wide choice when it comes to games, drinks and even dinner. The capital of Cyprus is another location on the island that is host to many gambling facilities. The Casino Nicosia scene hosts over 10 casinos, with the most renowned being the Merit Hotel in Nicosia and the Grand Pasha Nicosia. Among these, is surely the best Casino in Cyprus.

Cyprus Hotel Casino

With regards to land-based, or physical, gambling, meaning the gambling activities taking place in Cyprus hotel casino, Cyprus offers anything one might think of. Poker, for instance, is free to play in licensed casinos along with sports betting, bingo, slot machine gaming, American or French roulette, backgammon, and others. All these activities make for a very vibrant and lively casino scene, attracting many gamblers from foreign countries, as well as from the island itself. Suffice to say that in North Cyprus, gambling has been for a long time one of the prominent economic activities for the local population, as well as its main attraction for tourists.